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Welcome to the GSAD: Genome Size in Asteraceae Database (Release 3.0)
last update: end 2017

The GSAD is an exhaustive catalogue of genome size data for the family Asteraceae. Genome sizes are now available for 1,555 species based on 4,350 records from 198 publications released until July 2018. The current update represents around 40% increase of data entries with respect to release 2. There are 337 species (21.67%) and 46 genera (19,83%) recorded for the first time.

The main goal of the database is to serve as a tool aiming to make Asteraceae genome size information accessible to scientists interested in genome characterisation and evolution with basic (e.g. plant molecular systematics, NGS programs, evo-devo research) or applied (e.g. barcoding, breeding, races or raw material identification) focuses.

The database holds data from papers already published or in press up to July 2018. Regular updates are planned.

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Group A (Flow cytometry with different fluorochromes)

Group B (Feulgen densitometry/ microdensitometry/ cytophotometry/ microspectrophotometry)

Group C (Feulgen image scanning or analysis)

Group D (Feulgen scanning densitometry or scanning microdensitometry)

Group E (biochemical method or chemical extraction)